On this week in sales we’ll be looking at: 

  • Whether B2B sales heading into a “self-service” era
  • What Super Productive People Do Differently
  • Why 2020 wasn’t all bad for sales professionals 

And much more!

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15 Sales Statistics That Will Change How You Think About Revenue In 2021

  1. 40% of businesses did not meet revenue targets in 2020
  2. 25% of sales reps believe they have not received enough sales training
  3. 68% of B2B customers are lost because of indifference, not mistakes
  4. 70% of businesses claim that social referrals convert faster than any other type of lead
  5. 35% of people decide whether or not to open an email based on the subject line alone


SalesLoft raises $100M for its digital sales platform, now valued at $1.1B

SalesLoft, provides AI-based tools to help salespeople run their sales process virtually — from finding and following up on leads, through to helping them sell with virtual coaching tools.

Co-founder and CEO Kyle Porter- “The effects of COVID have been a tailwind due to the effects of digital selling,”

“All sellers immediately became remote. It’s meant that inside sales are now all sales. Whether the opportunities are mid-funnel or upgrades or renewals.”


Allbound PRM is the Platform for Successful Partnerships 

Partner relationship management (PRM) enables you to optimize relationships with resellers and distributors so you can focus your time on other partner channel efforts.

Simplify and digitize your entire partner lifecycle with Allbound’s Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Software – from partner onboarding, to enablement, marketing collaboration, coop dollars and deal registration.


Bigtincan Acquires ClearSlide to Create Industry’s Only End-to-End Sales Enablement and Engagement SaaS Offering

The addition of ClearSlide technology extends Bigtincan’s end-to-end SaaS stack, with access to buyer engagement analytics, email timing, and personalized video communication.


Harvard Business Review: What Super Productive People Do Differently

  1. Batch your meetings.
  2. Avoid using the mouse.
  3. Read your work out loud.


Here’s How We Leveraged Experience Management To Adapt

“Before the pandemic, 90% of our sales training was instructor-led and in-person. Now, none of it is.”

“We used experience management software to monitor the experiences of our participants during training”

“Using Qualtrics we asked our clients about their newly-online learning journey, then used that data to compare previous instructor-led sessions with online training and found the gaps between the two.”

“Prior to COVID-19, clients and instructors would gather in hotel rooms for interactive training sessions that lasted one or two days, eight hours each”

“Because of the feedback received, we now hold sessions in two-hour chunks over four days”

“And we take advantage of breakout rooms, online worksheets, and other digital tools to boost interactivity”


Whatever It Takes: Master the Habits to Transform Your Business, Relationships, and Life


The new ‘self-service’ era: where B2B selling is headed in 2021

“Consumers have always wanted more control over the sales process, and in the B2B world, it’s no different. With the pandemic disrupting the way we work and conduct business, B2B buyers have come to crave the “Amazon-like” experience they’ve become accustomed to in their personal lives.

“In 2021 and beyond, self-service will become much more mainstream as organizations are forced to make the leap to digital selling to survive the impact of COVID-19.”

“The B2B experience gets optimized when organizations are able to decrease the amount of time between a buyer’s intent and actions. By making information around product details and purchasing methods clear right on their ecommerce platform, sellers will be able to provide a seamless shopping experience that mimics the ease of use many buyers now demand in their B2C lives.”


Salesforce: 2020 Wasn’t All Bad — Really — Here Are 6 Incredibly Positive, Powerful Takeaways

  1. When forced, businesses proved they can pivot faster than they thought possible, and not just in accommodating remote work 
  2. Digital transformation at warp speed  
  3. The race for a COVID-19 vaccine led to a novel way to develop vaccines in general 
  4. Lack of travel leads to huge drop in greenhouse gasses  
  5. Shift to remote work offers opportunity for workplace inclusion and diversity
  6. Higher education finally poised for a makeover 


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