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  • Facebook saying that buyers are more prepared to buy online
  • How Sales Leaders Can Set a Course for Less Stress
  • CEO: “We tried paying everyone the same salary. It failed’

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Facebook research shows UK consumers are more prepared to buy online

Of those surveyed, 60 per cent aged between 18 and 39 said they thought buying a car completely online was realistic – and 58 per cent would be spending more than £30,000.

found that salespeople are still very important to car buyers, as 83 per cent said they had some sort of help choosing their new car.

Negotiating was still an important part of the process for a large portion of those surveyed, with 43 per cent saying it was a thrill-seeking opportunity.


Highspot Customer Growth Surges Amid Widespread Adoption of Sales Enablement

Highspot adoption doubled to more than 3 million users in 2020

Highspot, the sales enablement platform that helps companies get the most from their customer-facing teams, announced soaring customer growth as companies including Aetna, a CVS Health company; DocuSign, DuPont, Euler Hermes, General Motors, John Deere, … 

The remote reality has accelerated the pace of digital transformation and changed the way go-to-market teams engage buyers. According to Gartner, Inc., 80 percent of business-to-business sales will happen digitally through 2025 (GARTNER, “The Future of Sales”, M. Buckley, T. Travis, 8 September 2020).


Vimeo Launches New Video Marketing Tools

Vimeo, the world’s leading all-in-one video solution, today launched a suite of tools to help marketers and businesses reach— and ultimately convert— new customers with video.  To streamline the process of managing and communicating with customer leads, Vimeo also introduced new and enhanced integrations with HubSpot, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and more. 

Users can now add customizable contact forms to their videos, sync form submissions directly to their preferred email marketing platform, and engage prospects with in-email video GIFs— all from the Vimeo platform. 

“The power of video to engage customers, anywhere, any time, is a remarkable tool for compelling marketing campaigns,” said Scott Brinker, VP of Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot.

 “With Vimeo’s new integration with HubSpot’s CRM platform, leads generated within these videos seamlessly flow into a company’s marketing and sales engine.”


Emerging From a “VUCA” World – How Sales Leaders Can Set a Course for Less Stress in 2021 by The Brooks Group

Understanding how to manage through a VUCA world – one that is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous – is the subject of a free webinar being hosted by The Brooks Group.

The webinar, titled “The Virtual Happy Half Hour – Creating Your Sales Advantage Through Agility,” will be presented by special guest Tom O’Shea, an expert on the VUCA concept.

“2020 was a definite example of VUCA on steroids,” O’Shea says. “2021 hopefully will be less turbulent and disruptive, but we can expect it to continue to accelerate and separate the agile from the fragile.”


Hybrid strategies and the new face of retail

By Professor Omar Toulan and Professor Niccolò Pisani

 identify four distinct retail models that companies must proactively manage. In particular, two of the four models we identify – namely “Showrooming” and “Webrooming” – are key in today’s retail environment.

  1. Brick and mortar
  2. Online
  3. Showrooming: See it in-store (physical) but buy it online (digital)
  4. Webrooming: See it online (digital) but buy it in-store (physical)


CEO Secrets: ‘We tried paying everyone the same salary. It failed’

“We realised that we had to pay attention to market forces,” says Calvin. “Sometimes, traditional practices are there for a reason.”


The boss who put everyone on 70K

In 2015, the boss of a card payments company (Dan Price) in Seattle introduced a $70,000 minimum salary for all of his 120 staff – and personally took a pay cut of $1m. Five years later he’s still on the minimum salary, and says the gamble has paid off.



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